Employee benefits matter

Increase your profit by engaging your employees
– why good leadership & employee benefits matter

It’s a known fact that many businesses struggle with low employee engagement. It’s also a known fact that high employee engagement leads to higher profit. The equation is simple and well shown in the Engagement-Profit chain (Kevin Kruse):

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Engaged employees = higher productivity = higher profit

There are several ways to improve your employees engagement.

One of the best ways to get motivated and engaged employees is by being the leader your company and employees deserve:

  • Clarify WHY we are here – involve them in the purpose, the vision and mission
  • Communicate HOW we are going to do it (strategy and plans)
  • Communicate WHAT we want to achieve (goals) – and do it frequently
  • Follow up on goals and celebrate when personal and company goals are achieved
  • Care for your employees – be present, be human, find their inner spark

But good leadership is not the only factor. E.g. it’s proven that good managers also boost engagement as well as great and relevant employee benefits.

Apply the concept of interdependence – things are mutually dependent on each other. One thing can’t exist without the other. You can’t reach your results by ‘just’ being a good leader, likewise, you can’t reach your results by ‘just’ providing great benefits. Your employees will at some point seek the component they are missing.

Yet HR Directors are having a hard time convincing the board that it’s a good idea to invest in their employees well being compared to investing in a machine which can prove to increase productivity by e.g. 20%. It’s not so easy to measure human productivity as a machine’s output. But we need to invest in both to increase productivity – we need to invest in our employees – we need to let them feel valued.

We are in the employee benefits industry. Every day we see the value of implementing employee benefits, how employees feel more appreciated, and best of all – they feel positive. When they feel positive and engaged, their performance and productivity increases – and so will your profit. It’s a no brainer.

The good thing is, that it is very easy to make your employees feel positive. Who would not like to save e.g. 5% on their groceries, 8% on their next vacation or 45% on their cinema tickets? Or receive a ‘thank you’ from a colleague, a Birthday greeting or a reward for a well done job? Think if you could be the employer that made that possible?

We deliver an online system that supports this. It can be implemented in less than an hour, it’s easy to use and it gives your employees all the staff benefits that make them feel really good. It enables them to find all their employee benefits within one platform.

The good news – it costs you less than two cups of coffee from Starbucks a year to make your employees feel valued. Sound good?

So why not just do it? – be the leader that makes your employees feel valued and engaged – you and your profit will love i t:-)

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