Corporate or Social?

Social sounds compelling, it has a nice ring to it. It is hip and yes….….it works.
Doesn’t it?


Corporate sounds… maybe a bit boring, or just a bit corporate. It is old and no…..….it doesn’t work.
Or does it?


Employee Benefits like Discounts and Rewards are getting more and more ‘social’ and less ‘corporate’.

Employers are frustrated to see engagement rates that are as low as 8% and it is presumed that by socialising the platforms, it must be more engaging.

The employees can ‘comment’, ‘answer questionnaires’ or give a ‘thumps up’ to colleagues which will drive traffic to the portal.

And of course it will – but at what cost and are there other ways?


Let’s play this back-wards…..


Do we actually want to create another ‘Facebook’ at work that we even encourage employees to access during working hours?

We all know how addictive social networks are, because we want to see what others are saying about what we said – or how many ‘thumps up’ we get.
It is even known to cause more stress!

Moreover, most employers do not consider the resources it takes to monitoring comments and ‘the social life that emerge’ online.

What seems as a great and innovative idea to push engagement in the corporate world, will in fact backfire big time in other much more important areas of Human Resources.

Perhaps this is just a fad that hasn’t been thought through properly.
At the end of the day, HR Depts should have a mission to reduce stress and increase work satisfaction. Not consider implementing Benefits tools that can potentially cause more strain, just to get better engagement rates.


And there are other ways to drive engagement that are 100% aligned with Corporate nature and the strategic goal which are proven to work just as well.


Platforms that focus on individualisation and usability as well as accessibility are driving lots of engagement without having to distract people out of their productive working days.

If employees can always get access to the discounts and rewards on whatever platform they use, if the discounts and rewards are worthwhile and easy to access and if it’s enjoyable, they will use it – and not necessarily within working hours.

That is…. if they know about it.
And this is probably the biggest hurdle to getting engagement rates up.

There has to be an automatic registration of new employees into the scheme and the employees need to get information about what they are actually saving and receiving as part of their salary package.

It’s actually not a lot and it works if it’s done consistently and continuously combined with a great platform.


If this is in place, you will have engagement rates of 64% without inheriting all the negative implications of going social.


Call me at 07714 259 099 if you want to hear more about how.

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